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How does the electronic address verification service work?

Audience: Business clients

In our international address verifications, we verify the customer's current residential address by cross-checking it against multiple reliable international data sources to ensure that they are a genuine resident at that address. There are two parts to this function.   

  • Step 1:  the customer uses the Verify by Tiller mobile app to select their country of residence and then enter the first line of their address (or post/zip code). They can then select their address from the list of properties. This part of the process is just to confirm that the property actually exists.   
  • Step 2: having confirmed that the property exists, we then use the customer's name and that address to search 'regulatory-quality' databases to try and match that person to that property. These databases are comprised of 3 types: utilities (but not mobile phone), credit reference agencies, and government sources. Verify by Tiller will search up to 3 independent data sources (depending on availability of sources, we may find less than 3) and provide the result of each search back through the Verify  Portal.